Anyone interested in International Relations, should find our meetings of interest and value and may want to consider membership.

The Boise Committee on Foreign Relations has an annual individual membership rate with a special spousal membership rate for couples.  We are a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization.

Membership includes nine or ten monthly dinner meetings during each membership season.  Dinner costs are $35.00 per person per dinner.  Information about our next meeting is available on our Coming Events page.  Members are encouraged to bring interested persons or potential members as guests to the meetings.

Also included in your Boise Committee membership is a membership in the American Committees on Foreign Relations. As an ACFR member, you can attend the annual ACFR Conference in Washington, DC.  The annual ACFR Conference is typically held in late April or early May of each year. Information about the ACFR and the annual conference is available on their website link shown above in this paragraph.

We have increased our membership dues for 2023 - 2024 to cover the post-covid inflation costs. We are no longer offering a special Spousal/Partner rate. Contact us about Student rates or new membership midyear prorated membership rates.

Annual 2023 - 2024 Membership Rates:

Individual:                 $ 145.00
Spousal/Partner:     $ 145.00
Two Person Total:   $ 290.00

Annual season membership renewals come in August of each year for a meeting season that runs from September through May or June.

Rates are prorated for joining mid-season. Fill out the form below and we will get back with you on prorated rates.

For present members who are renewing their membership, a renewal form is available at: Membership Renewal Form

New Members please use the following form to tell something about you and why you are interested in joining the Boise Committee on Foreign Relations, and we will get back to you with membership details.  If you have not attended one of our meetings and would first like to attend a meeting before joining, please let us know in the comments section in the form below.

To reduce SPAM, we now require you to enter a manual  'captcha' Security Code at the bottom of the submittal form. Thanks for your patience.

Membership Information Form


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** Note: Some users have ISP's that have firewalls that will not connect to this membership form. If you continue to get an error when attempting to send this membership application, please send your membership information directly to : BCFR EMAIL