BoiseCFR Educational Information

In order to help improve this local diologue, the Boise Committee on Foreign Relations often provides its speakers to local universities and public schools to help inform students on foreign policy issues.

Ambassador Niels Marquardt speaks to Boise High School
Former Ambassador Niels Marquardt speaks to a Boise High School Government and Politics class in December of 2018. He talked about his experiences as a U.S Ambassador to several contries in Africa.

Ambassador Vicki Huddleson at Boise High School
The picture on the right Shows Ambassador Vicki Huddleson talking to several hundred Boise High School students in December 2012 just prior to her speaking at a BoiseCFR meeting about North Africa. Her presentation and discussion turned out to be very timely, with a major uprising occuring in Mali only a few weeks later.

Abdulwahab Alkebsi talking to BSU students and facultiy
On the left Abdulwahab Alkebsi has a fireside chat with Boise State University International Business students and faculty in November 2013.  Mr. Alkebsi was in town to talk with the Boise Committee about the Post-Arab Spring in the Middle East.

Two students sponsored by BoiseCFR attended the American Council on Foreign Relations Young Leaders' Initiative in Washington D.C. in June 2019. Isabella Eck and Gregory Wischer are pictured in the photos with students sponsored by other Committees."

USIP Group Photo

                           All Students at ACFR Young Leader's Initiative

Women in ACFR Young Leaders

                                       Women in ACFR Young Leaders

Boise Committee ACFR Young Leaders

                                      Gregory Wischer and Isabella Eck

Message from Isabella Eck:  "I returned from DC with the Young Leaders Initiative and it was a momentous few days for me. From the State Department to think tanks, we saw a huge chunk of the foreign policy world. My personal favorite was the US Institute of Peace, where we discussed peace and women's rights in Afghanistan. I could not recommend this program more to students who are looking to expand upon their interest in foreign policy. Again, I cannot thank you enough for this opportunity! I met with so many great people, all who offered helpful insights into my future."