BoiseCFR News and Articles

  • Loss of a Long-Time Member in 2020:

    In April we lost a long-time member of BoiseCFR. Alice Dieter passed away on April 19th. With her husband Les, they were ardent supporters of BCFR for many years. Les passed away in May of 2017. With the passing of the Dieters, we felt it only appropriate that we honor them with a small remembrance. The BoiseCFR has sent a small monetary gift to their beloved church camp in their memory.

    Richard Slaughter has written a short article about Les and Alice. You can  read it on the following page: Dieters

  • Khaled Elgindy our May, 2019 speaker was co-authored an artical on the Brookings website entitled "Is the Israeli-Palestinian peace process dead?" . His article can be found at:

  • Peter Yeo our January 17, 2019 speaker was interviewed in the "Boise Weekly". His article can be found at:

  • Our October 17, 2018 meeting was with Ambassador Emily Haber, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to the United States, and Ambassador Henne Schuwer, Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to the United States. There was a presentation from ACROSS THE POND IN THE FIELD, with discussions on "U.S. - Europe Relations".

    An article has been published in about the ambassador's trip to Boise and the BCFR meeting. Go to their link to read the article.

  • "Consul of Mexico Celso Delgado greets former U.S. Ambassador to Mexico Earl Anthony Wayne who spoke to the Boise Committee on Foreign Relations September 19, 2018."
    BoiseCFR Dinner Meeting

  • Our March 2018 speaker talked about "Turkey".  Amanda Sloat recently published several articles.  One is an Op-ed article on March 18, 2018 on the Idaho Stateman website at: "Why does a foreign policy scholar visit Boise? ‘I came because we are one America".

    One of her other foreign relations article is available on the Brookings Institution  dated February 2018 is at: "Get ready for Secretary of State Mini-Trump".

    A second is available on the Brookings Institution website also dated February 2018 is at: "The West’s Turkey conundrum".

    Another article published by Amanda Sloat is available in Foreign Policy Magazine.  The following is a link, dated January 23,2018 is available at: "Turkey Wants to Crush U.S. Allies in Syria. That Shouldn’t Surprise Anybody."

  • Our November 8, 2017 meeting with Andrew Whitaker, British Consulate-General in San Francisco was noted in an article in a Boise Weekly interview at: "Andrew Whittaker - On Her Majesty's not-so-secret service"

  • Our October 3, 2017 meeting with Daniel Benaim was on "The Trump Administration and the Middle East".  He has a October 6,2017 interview on Boise State Public Radio with George Prentice, Go to this link to hear this interview: "Daniel Benaim Interview"

  • Our March 6, 2017 meeting with Derek Shearer was on "American Hard Power and Soft Power: The Emerging Trump Foreign Policy".  He has a March 20,2017 article published in Boise State's "Blue Review".  Go to this link for his article entitled "Adjusting to Reality"

  • Our March 14, 2016 meeting with Consul General James Hill of Canada makes these recent comments by the Canadian Prime Minister's very timely. Go to the following line to get the Prime Minister's comments: "Trudeau say Americans should pay more attention to the world"

    Also the meeting of Prime Minister Trudeau with President Obama has sparked discussions about Canada and the US in this March 8. 2016 on-line article on the Brookings website. "Bringing Canada 'back' for the long haul "

  • Our November 2015 Speaker, Frederic Hof has published his Boise Committee on Foreign Relations talk about Syria, that he delivered November 9, 2015. It can be read at the following link: "A Problem from Hell: Dealing with the Crisis in Syria "

  • Our November 2015 Speaker, Frederic Hof has written and article about Syria dated October 14, 2015. It can be read at the following link: "I Got Syria So Wrong"

  • Our June 2015 speaker, Steven Pifer was interviewed by Nate Hoffman of the BSU Blue Review during Amb. Pifer's BoiseCFR speaking engagement in June. It was posted on 6/15/2015 and can be found at this link: "TBR Interview: Former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Steven Pifer"

  • Our June 2015 speaker, Steven Pifer has written an article about the Ukraine posted 5/7/2015. It can be found at this link: "What's next in eastern Ukraine? More of the same."

  • BoiseCFR member Don Liebich has written several articles and a book about the middle East. His most recent article dated 3/8/15 can be found at this link: "Six things you need to know in order to understand ISIS". His book is titled "Fault Lines: The Layman's Guide to Understanding America's Role in the Ever-Changing Middle East".

  • Our January 2015 speaker, Mike Kofman published an article about Russia in the "The National Interest" magazine dated 2/5/15. It can be found at "How to Start a Proxy War with Russia".